I was born, raised and I studied in Moscow, Russia.
I received my degree in Graphic Design from the Moscow Institute of Arts and Industry (2008), gaining an advertising design specialization.
Since 2005 I have been working as a graphic designer.

02.2005 – 10.2005: “Aricon-product”, Moscow. Graphic designer (advertising, packaging, posters, shelving design for sales in stores among the others)
10.2005 – 04.2006: “Kaskadstroyservis”, Moscow. Construction company. Graphic designer (advertising into printed media and photography)
07.2006 – 04.2007: Advertising agency “Old Town”, Moscow. Main designer (corporate identity: logo, brandbook; posters; design for printed media; billboards design)
04.2007 – 10.2011: design bureau “MagicStyle”, Moscow. Graphic designer (POS for Nestle - Nescafe, Nesquik, Nestle IceCream, PowerBar, chocolate and others -, Nivea, Ritter Sport and more, advertising, posters, packaging, corporate identity, photography of still objects, illustrations, visualizations)

I have studied a course of portrait photography in St. Martin`s University, London in 2009.
In 2013 I recieved my second degree in Photography from Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata (ISFCI) in Rome, Italy

06.2012 – 08.2012 - Photographer in touristic village “Residence club Sangineto” (CZ, Italy) as a part of animation staff
08.2012 – 09.2012 - Photographer for the magazine “Cinematografo” on the 69 International Festival of Cinematography in Venice
08.2013 – 09.2013 - Photographer for the magazine “Cinematografo” on the 70 International Festival of Cinematography in Venice

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